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I started A Bulldog's World back in 2011. I had 2 beautiful rescued boy Bulldog's that were my pride and joy. I loved getting the "boys" new collars and accessories for special occasions, but found that the range and styles were not as good as I wanted them to be, nor was the quality. So I began trying to make my own collars for the boys and before I knew it.. I had made them so many cute and customized collars, that drew a lot of attention from other dog owners. Many people asked if I could make their dogs a collar... and so as they say, the rest is history.

I increased my products to then include matching leashes, which then went to Harnesses...and Diaper Harnesses. Dog owners loved the designs and asked what I could do for them? So I then added matching Key Fob key holders, and Lanyards. 

My company is a 1 person ( me ) operation, and my Bulldog, Bonnie... as the CEO ! ( she is a tough boss to work for)

All orders I get, I do my best to make them the same day, or the next business day to ensure you get your order ASAP. I hate waiting for my online orders, so I figured that most people are as impatient as I am ! 

All products are used at the buyers discretion. we never ever condone the use of our Bullie Belts without being attached to a harness. Using them only on a collar is not only dangerous, but it could cause great harm or even death if not used correctly. We accept zero liability when our products are not used in a safe manner or for what they are intended to be used for.

I do not recommend leaving a collar on your pet when you are unable to supervise. 


I support some very fine and upstanding Bulldog/French Bulldog Rescues around the USA.


Bullies 2 The Rescue  http://www.bullies2therescue.com/ ( which is based out of NC but cater to many other states )

Bullies 2 The Rescue has an online store that sells the best foods, supplements and accessories for all breeds of dogs. I have their website link available on the store front page and here. Tell Courtney that Adele sent you.... http://www.carolinapetpantry.com/


My website may be called A Bulldog's World, but I make products for most breeds. If your Fur Kid fits in the range of sizes in my measuring guide, then we can make for them too!


As always, you can send me a email from the contact me page and ask any questions. I am happy to help


Thanks for stopping by

Adele & Bonnie